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Dr. Rocco nails it on many fronts: the solution to our unaffordable, unsustainable healthcare system

the recipe to develop an impervious immune system to PREVENT illness; the motivation to be accountable for our own health; and the inspiration to actually follow protocol she’s lined out for us.

I know it works, firsthand, as I’ve been privileged to work with Dr. Rocco that made all the difference in my oftentimes- hectic life. Her work turned my life around ~ for the better! She’ll do the same for you! Growing Younger is the book so many are seeking, as tumultuous times within our culture’s harsh environment compete against our health, happiness and youthful vitality. Get a handle on your “issues” by reading this! Then you’ll know how to live life vibrantly ~ it’ll make the world a better place!


Former Vice Presidential Candidate, 9th Governor of Alaska, Author, Commentator and Reality Television Personality


“When you’re racing at over 200 miles per hour in NASCAR or the Baja 1000, every part in your car and team has to be running at high performance levels. So does your body. I’ve been working with Dr. Gowri Rocco for over ten years and she’s my secret weapon who makes me feel 30 years younger… and she’s saved my life after two bouts of cancer! If you want to feel like a 1st place winner every day in vehicle that you’re proud to drive and be seen in, read this book and work with Dr. Gowri NOW. Start your engines!”


Motorsports Hall of Fame, 142 Victories including 9 Baja 1000 wins



“Dr. Gowri Rocco is one of the ‘new kind of doctors.’ She has courageously stepped outside of the preset ‘standard of care’ box to offer information not learned in medical school. Dr. Rocco has a complete understanding of Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement. This is an informative, cutting-edge book that will educate you, allowing you to be in control of your health forever.”


American Actress, Author, Singer, Businesswoman,
Health Advocate and a Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy Spokesperson



“We’ve all heard that saying that a person with their health has a thousand wishes and only one wish if they don’t. I Trust and Enjoy Working with Dr. Gowri Rocco, she’s passionate about wellness. She’s diligent, a team player, sees details that every doctor should observe.I enthusiastically recommend this book that is filled with guidelines and methods for living a healthy, happy and optimal life.”


Director of Surgery at Breastlink of Orange, Voted a Best Doctor
in America and One of the Best Doctors in Orange County

Maybe you’re insanely tired everyday at mid afternoon, or maybe you can’t shake that growing belly fat and love handles, no matter how much you exercise or diet.

Vitamins aren’t helping, and every day you become more demoralized because you just don’t feel like ‘you’. Enter, Gowri Rocco, MD! I call her the Sherlock Holmes of hormone doctors. The thorough approach with which she examined my blood, my hormones, my history, led her to find the ROOT cause of my debilitating fatigue. Within three months under her care, I felt like a new woman. Energetic, renewed hair growth, and an optimism I had lost. If you need a ‘true detective’ for your health like I did, there’s no one else to go to then Dr. Gowri Rocco.

Vivian Glyck

Just Like My Child Foundation



If you hit your 50s and you notice you’re not sleeping as well as you used to, feel anxious for the first time in your life, are experiencing depression and don’t want to get out of bed, maybe you notice you emotional and cry easily or you just don’t feel like you, take note. After only 60 days, Dr. Gowri helped me restore my hormone levels to a point where I feel like I’m in my 30s again. I have a zest for life, my energy is back, I have Drive, courage and the same confidence that I always had. Dr. Gowri gave me my life back and if you don’t feel like you, you need to make an appointment right now. 

Mike Koenigs

I had seen many different physicians over more than a decade

several of them specialists in endocrinology or anti-aging or weight loss. The net result was that I gained 40 pounds from my estrogen being mismanaged, my thyroid being overly enlarged by being over-medicated for a decade, I had to detox from statin drugs and was considered non-compliant because I wouldn’t take medications with side effects. When labs came back on my thyroid, I knew something was wrong. I had a cacophony of oddball symptoms that nobody took the time to understand holistically. When I did share the entire story, my physicians checked out – they were on a schedule with other patients waiting behind me. I became my own doctor, showing my ‘civilian’ research and neurotransmitter testing results to physicians who did not believe my rationale for what I later learned was the right leading-edge path. I didn’t want to take complicated drug protocols; instead, I wanted to get to the source of physical issues. But the medical system pushes doctors to have quotas and treat the urgent, not the important. By the time I met Dr. Gowri, I had given up on western medicine and no longer trusted the ‘medical establishment’ to appropriately help me as an individual patient vs. another number.

When I met Dr. Gowri, she took one look at me and knew she could help me. I had low energy, had gained significant weight and was not feeling good about myself, and felt defeated by what I figured would be my body for the rest of my life. Despite all that, Dr. Gowri gave me the courage to try again to achieve better health, vitality and systemic balance in my body. She worked with my timing (as I needed surgery), then kicked into high gear to help me get back on track. She said I would feel better inside of two weeks; I thought that was impossible. That was the second time I learned to believe in Dr. Gowri and the evidence-based medicine she practices – the first being that I could have hope for something different in my future. And she was right, as usual – except that I felt noticeably better in just one week.

Within just a few weeks, I had more energy and vitality than I had experienced in YEARS! People remarked that I was looking younger, my skin was improving and my energy was lighter. I was sleeping more than I had in years, feeling more emotionally centered and more in my body than ever, and caring again how I felt being in my body. In just 6 weeks, I dropped 18 pounds – a miracle! Dr. Gowri said it’s just the beginning as it will only keep getting better. And, because Dr. Gowri said, I believe her even if I can’t quite believe that on my own yet. Restoring health and growing younger is a journey; too many people don’t realize how good it can be to feel better. I intend to show people through my own example that it’s not only possible but they can do it too. Life is meant to be lived – and Dr. Gowri knows how to help her patients do it while growing younger. Not only is she a brilliant body ‘chemist’, she generously doles out good energy medicine too – based on my experience, she genuinely cares about her patients as individuals. Work with her while you can… she’s a rising star who is living her passion and being discovered by more people for it every day. Here’s to growing younger for the rest of my life with Dr. Gowri!

Lynn Scheurell

I met Dr. Gowri Rocco two years ago as a 79 year-old patient

who had recently completed a nine-week daily proton radiation protocol to stem the advancement of prostate cancer. I was shockingly heavier than I am today; I was suffering from a half-dozen ailments, and had absolutely no zest for continuing on in the battle against those cardio-vascular ailments that normally accompany aging.

I presented myself before Dr. Gowri accompanied by a significant degree of doubt, encapsulated with the mindful cynicism of a grumpy old curmudgeon, who had, basically, “Surrendered!”. I guess I had just kind of figured, “My time had come!”

Within four months of following Dr. Gowri’s prescribed treatment program, my spirits were considerably lifted as my blood values indicated significant improvement in my hormonal balance and internal organ functions.

Now, after complying with the doctor’s treatment protocol, I find myself – at 81 years-old – 47 pounds lighter. I am free of joint pain, as well as the insidious symptoms of diabetes and high blood pressure. My blood markings relative to these ailments have been reduced to “normal ranges.” To quote my cardiologist’s comments after reviewing my blood lipid values during the past year, “Jerry, you are aging backward.” That comment was topped by his most recent statement that I was displaying values of a ‘teenager.’

Dr. Rocco’s treatment during the past months, along with the clarifying revelations offered in her newly published book, Growing Younger, encouraged me to make further changes in my general lifestyle. Now my focus is on improved daily food consumption and a regular exercise regimen, supported by attention to attaining an improved hormonal balance.

The book, Growing Younger, provided an understanding of “What; HOW; and Why?”. The protocols the doctor had tasked me to follow had served to improve my overall bodily function, while elevating my “attitude and quality of life!”

Dr. Rocco’s Growing Younger not only answers all those questions in a clear, meaningful manner, but is also an incredibly motivating instrument. It’s an easy read but, more importantly, it is an incredible treasured find – a trove for which I shall be forever thankful during my remaining years – especially for Dr. Rocco offering within its pages a simple formula for healthy living. My parting comment is, “Thank you, Doctor Rocco!”


Founder & President
Dental Ventures of America, Inc., and Thankful Patient

At 31 years old, after suffering with horrible menstrual pain and constipation all my life and from having doctors telling me that they could not help me, One morning at age 31, I felt a lump on the lower right side of my abdomen

Please do not be surprised that I am writing to you.  I have never felt the need to write to a Doctor before, but it has been on my mind for a long time now, to let you know that you saved my life, so I finally decided to share my experience as your patient for over 10 years this year.

At 31 years old, after suffering with horrible menstrual pain and constipation all my life and from having doctors telling me that they could not help me, One morning at age 31, I felt a lump on the lower right side of my abdomen. I was very scared, it was the time when Ovarian Cancer was taking so many women’s life. I thought I would die. My doctor advised me to have a total hysterectomy which I did.  He also prescribed hormones pills called Premarin, after the surgery. That’s when my real hell began. I took those pills to keep the hot flashes away, but then I developed severe headaches, pain in my abdomen and became constipated. I went to my doctor over and over and they did nothing for me.  I began to gain wait and became depressed, and for the first time in my life I began to get suicidal thoughts. I didn’t know that that’s what they were at the time until, one day, one of the Volunteering Nuns at St. Bernardines/Dignity Health Hospital met me volunteering at “Mary’s Mercy Center” and invited me to volunteer at the Hospital as a Spanish/English interpreter for the non-English Spanish speaking families. During these times, my body was still weak, I had continued to have pain in my gut and the depression continued. One day a lady in her forty’s, I’m guessing, came in with her mother who was having surgery. I assisted the mother and the daughter waited in the waiting room. Suddenly, I heard her holding a conversation with another lady about depression and woman’s health and that her friend had gone to this Dr. Rocco and she is now getting married and all these good things she began to say about the Doctor. So, I began to tell her how I have been feeling and that sometimes I got these feelings that nothing is important in this world because I am going to die anyway. That is when I found out that they were suicidal thoughts. She looked and me and said: YOU HAVE TO SEE DR. ROCCO.” I asked, who is that, she said: You just have to see her.  I asked her for Dr. Rocco’s phone number, she gave it to me. Then I asked her for her name and she would not give it to me. She said that it was not important, I should just go to see Dr. Rocco. I said: but who will I say referred me? She said, that is not important.  I called Dr. Rocco’s office from my car on my way home from the Hospital and made my appointment.

Dr. Rocco, my first visit with you, oh my! I was in shock. First of all, for the amount of time you took with me explaining and asking me questions about my body, no other doctor had ever asked me. My Lab work was another shock. So many tubes. I thought, what are they going to do with so many vials of my blood.  What I didn’t remember you telling me is that you check the entire body. After you looked at my lab-work, you ordered my hormone creams, which you had already instructed me how to apply and had them delivered at my door. I’m not sure if you recall, but when I returned for my follow-up, I was not the half- dead person you saw the first time. I was already bouncing off the wall. And that was just the beginning.  You fixed my gut problem, my thyroid and my Anemia problems.

All the money I’ve spent through the years with doctors and insurance and no one could fix my problems.  I have Kaiser and every year I go for my Physical, the doctor says:  “ You take good care of yourself” Keep on doing what you are doing because at your age you are in excellent health”.  I wanted to say, that it is because I go to Dr. Rocco. But Didn’t.  I am now 61 years old and still running up the steps, with no more hot flashes, no more gaining weight, no more anemia, thyroid and gut problems, no more depression and my Hormones are Balanced.  I AM HAPPY! And living a healthy life.

Thank you for saving my life. Thank you for being a great human being and an excellent doctor who truly cares for the health of others.  I see how it makes you happy when your patients are healthy and happy.  I know that God sent me to you.  That lady never gave me her name and I never saw her again. I was volunteering, serving others when I found you.  Thanks be to God.

Sandra Rankin

Patient of 10 years


Dr Rocco’s book identifies the problems in our healthcare system and give a roadmap on how to take charge of your health

Using the tools in the book I’ve been able to get my hormones in balance, lose weight & restore my health. I feel younger today than yesterday! And my lab results prove it!

Diane Viadero

As a fitness professional for 28 years

you can bet that I am serious about all aspects of my personal healthcare. When I first heard about bio-identical hormone replacement, I knew that I was a perfect candidate for this treatment. However, finding a qualified provider proved to be extremely difficult. I was not comfortable with a “one size fits all” approach or being anyone’s guinea pig in this complicated arena. To say I was excited when Dr. Rocco and her outstanding credentials arrived on my radar would be an extreme understatement. I have now been her patient for nine years and am so relieved to feel safe, comfortable and confident that I am receiving the very best treatment under her expert guidance.

Chris Obradovitz

Being a young, successful entrepreneur in my thirties is great.

Becoming a new father to an amazing baby boy and having a beautiful, supportive wife – what could be better? My Health!!! I worked so hard that I felt much older than my physical age. I was sleeping horrible, feeling exhausted, wondering what had happened to my once great sex drive, couldn’t lose weight even with working out and just craving sweets. That’s where Dr. Gowri Rocco comes in. She listened to my concerns, did a comprehensive evaluation along with bloodwork and nailed it right on! She was thorough from my heart health, mental, immune system to my hormones – and more. She started me on a customized hormone balancing program, changed my nutrition, added high quality supplements and had me working out again. I immediately felt a difference, more vibrant energy, much improved sleep, stronger sex drive again, improved mood and drive, lost weight and much more muscle definition! After a few months with Dr. Rocco, I felt much younger, happier and just more vibrant – like how I should feel! Dr. Rocco explains in detail and makes it easy to follow along. If you’re ready to ignite your energy and fix real health issues – not just cover them up with medications and excuses – and feel your BEST, then Dr. Rocco is the doctor for you!

Michael Bloxton

CEO, Bloxton Investment Group, LLC.


When my old doctor said”Honey the weight gain you are having is normal for your age!” That was NOT the answer I wanted. I feel so much better have more energy and all because of Dr. Rocco takes the time to spend with me and listen to me! No judgements and helpful in everyday! She looks for the answers to why we feel tired and sluggish! I feel GREAT, have lost weight, have a much better sex drive and energy, and, it’s all because of her!


I was referred to Dr. Rocco a couple of years ago because of my mental breakdown.

A dear friend came over one night to tell me about how AMAZING Dr.Rocco is and how she can help me.  The first day I saw Dr. Rocco, she made me feel very comfortable and wanted to know everything about me, stared some bloodwork and nailed my problem right away!!! Which other doctors could NOT DO! I had thyroid and other hormones issues which was causing me to gain all my weight back that took me years to lose.  Once she gave me the right dosage, I was feeling normal again! I started to lose weight again, keep it off, plus my mental state became stabe! No angry outbursts, No crying, No lack of sleep!  I owe my life to her.  I don’t know what I would have done without her. I’ve never in my lifespan seen such a compassionate doctor that actually listens and cares about healing you.  Unlike, other doctors who just treat the problem! Dr. Rocco has a gift like no other I’ve seen. We need more doctors like her. She is the only doctor I trust to see me after everything I went through.

Pascale Reeder

My wife and I were referred to Dr. Rocco from her best friend

She has so much patience, listens to her patients, is positive and enthusiastic. Very motivating when you feel hopeless. She explains everything so I can understand things, not in “doctor language!” like my other doctors. She ACCURATELY identified my medical weaknesses and imbalances, and she put me back on track to WELLNESS! Thank You, Dr. Rocco – You’re the BEST!!! Dr. Rocco’s infectious spirit and in-depth knowledge is the whole perfect package all patients need to heal. I owe a lot to Dr. Rocco because I feel amazing and look forward to aging without fear with Dr. Rocco!
John Smoley

Dr.Rocco is a rare and unique Doctor!

She has so much patience, listens to her patients, is positive and enthusiastic. Very motivating when you feel hopeless. She explains everything so I can understand things, not in “doctor language!” like my other doctors.  She ACCURATELY identified my medical weaknesses and imbalances, and she put me back on track to WELLNESS! “Thank You Dr. Rocco, You’re the BEST!!! “Dr. Rocco’s infectious spirit and in-depth knowledge is the whole perfect package all patients need to heal.  I owe a lot to Dr. Rocco because I feel amazing and look forward to aging without fear with Dr. Rocco!

Brenda N.

Dr. Rocco has helped rebalance my life, so I love living again.

I came with horrible, heavy, long periods, headaches all the time, no sex drive for my wonderful husband, feeling tired all the time, not sleeping and a severe stress case. I can tell you that after six months of being under Dr. Rocco’s care, I transformed. I am so happy that my periods are controlled, have my sex drive and energy back, have no more headaches, workout and eat so much better, take all of Dr. Rocco’s vitamins, and am so much more relaxed even though I have a super-stressed job! Dr. Rocco was so accurate with everything and detailed with all her work and explanations. She takes as much take as she can to listen and just get you to feel “rebalanced” and your personal best. I’ve been with Dr. Rocco for over seven years and have never felt younger or better!

Kate S.

Both my husband and myself have been with Dr. Rocco since she started here in Corona.

She has helped us both realize our full sexual and general well-being in our 60’s. For that I am grateful. Ten years ago I was in the poorest health but, with Dr. Rocco’s help, I have never felt better!

J.S and S.S.

Thank you Dr. Rocco, you have given me, no- my husband and I, both, joy and happiness again.

My well-being is much more positive with purpose.  My life as a woman in her 50’s who finally feels WELL!  Dr. Rocco is dedicated, highly intelligent, compassionate and listens.  Balance in my life is a joy.

Rhonda B.

I Love Dr. Rocco!

She is absolutely brilliant when it comes to female hormones and the woman’s body.  She amazes me.  I am so grateful that I found her. My hormones are no longer an issue, I only wish I had known her 12 years ago! I trust her so much and she is so easy to talk to and she listens to everything you have to say. Thank you so much Dr. Rocco!

Daine Speigel

I am fortunate to be a patient of Dr. Rocco's.

I was a hormonal mess, crying, angry, depressed, losing hair, anxious, couldn’t sleep, had a hysterectomy in my 40’s which instantly put me in menopause. My GP kept telling me “you’re not in menopause” – I thought I was losing my mind, the anxiety was terrible. Took Xanax for the anxiety, missed a lot of work…eventually after much pushing, I got blood work done and my GP put me on estrogen pills and then patches, none of it did any good. I read about Dr. Rocco as a reference in a Suzanne Somers book, and realized she was in my area! I feel so much better, so so much better, I feel human again, no more anxiety, turns out I have a thyroid issue on top of my low estrogen AND progesterone. Dr Rocco really cares about her patients, and her book shows her passion for wanting all women to be the best they can be!

S. Horvath

Dear Dr. Rocco and Team,

Few people walk into our lives and make as big as a difference as you all!!! My golden years truly are GOLDEN now! I think you often Dr. Gowri Rocco and recommend you to everyone I meet. I cannot thank you enough for all the time you take to truly listen to me and fix my problems. You gibe so much more than any health care professional I have ever gone to. You have earned your angel wings 100,000,000 of times over! I Love You so much, God Bless You!

Nancy Riddle

I have known Dr. Rocco for about nine years now.

Didn’t know why I was feeling so horrible. Went to my regular Dr. many times seeking help. They always implied it’s all in my head and all was well – “you are normal.” Well, someone told me about Dr. Rocco. BEST thing that EVER happened to me! My thyroid had been over looked and I was gaining weight like crazy. She straightened out all that right away, very detailed to me. I started feeling better right away. I started feeling better and my moods began improving as well. My hormones were, of course, off also and we got that fixed too. She works with me and explains, not just talking through me, instead, she talks to me. Today, I am feeling much better, all these years, thanks to Dr. Rocco and her caring team. There is so much more to write but I am so thankful for having the pleasure of meeting Dr. Gowri Rocco!

Clare A.

I have been with Dr. Rocco for two years and, may I say, “OH WOW!”

You are absolutely AMAZING IN EVERY WAY!! And, so is your staff. I am so impressed how you run this office, so caring and kind your crew. I can’t thank you enough for saving my life and, therefore, saving my family’s life. After a hysterectomy and feeling like I was going out of my mind, running a business, raising my kids and trying not to go crazy with my husband – with NO hormones! -because of you, I am now living life way better than normal – it’s GREAT! Sleeping, healthy, feeling way younger than ever, working out, feeling nice, happy, having so much energy, all safe and natural just around what my body needs. GOD BLESS YOU and your staff Dr. Rocco! The world needs to know what a miracle worker you are! I Love You, Dr. Rocco!


Dr. Rocco helped me when conventional doctors,

like my PCP, pretty much gave up and quit trying to discover why I was not feeling well. Since I found Dr. Rocco, I have been feeling 100% better and my health has greatly improved. Dr. Rocco is a fantastic Doctor! Thank you!

Charles Curran

Dr. Rocco has truly saved our lives.

Our quality of life as a family has improved by leaps and bounds. It’s as is if we have finally been given the perfect prescription glasses after years of not seeing! Everything’s looks clear and our future brighter. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Jack, Kristi, Jack, Will, Nick and Laine - The Yeagers

Finding my way to Dr. Gowri was like a divine guidance.

People were referring me from everywhere-friends to strangers in the grocery store and gym. Now my life has improved immeasurably in both health and spirit and I refer everyone to this amazing doctor! Her husband is a doctor in the office too – he is absolutely an incredible physician and what a team!

Dr. Gowri not only balanced my hormones, but my entire overall health has improved. I came mostly for my auto-immune diseases and got a bonus of NO MORE hot flashes!! Before seeing Dr. Gowri, I was barely walking from the pain my auto-immune inflicted on me. Her customized, detailed, wellness plan for me – hormone creams, vitamins, eating right, weight loss – gave me a new life and my energy has been amazing! I tell everyone I know about this amazing, loving place filled with people who genuinely care about you. Thank You Doctors Gowri and Robert Rocco and all of your staff! With Love and Gratitude,

Cindy Holmes

Dr. Rocco is “Big Love”, an amazing doctor - and so much more!

She has saved my life in so many ways, physically, spiritually and mentally. I was suffering with mood swings, fatigue, insomnia, hot flashes, depression overload, stressed out, losing my sex drive and beautiful hair! Dr. Rocco improved all that – fixed it all! I continue to feel well, stay healthy and just keep improving – over these last eight years I’ve been under her care. I continue to improve on all levels and feel so much younger, happier and sexier. Thank you for your “Big Love” and amazing knowledge!


Dr. Rocco treats and talks to you “like a friend who truly cares about your well-being.”

She has taken care of my family like no other doctor has in my life. Her compassion is very appreciated. Not to diminish her skills as a innovative practitioner, but the environment she has created within her office is what sets her apart from ordinary doctors. My family and I love her!

Randy A.

I have been under Dr. Rocco’s care for nine years, people are so amazed at my age.

She’s helped me get back in the woman I used to be – my hormones and my thyroid are well-balanced. I have met so many women who need her help and I always send them to Dr. Rocco. God Bless You Doctor! Blessings,

Kathy Schwab

Dr. Rocco entered my life soon after “my” crash in 2009.

2008 was a hard year for all in the USA, but my personal health bottomed out in 7/1/2009. I began a rapid descent into anxiety, depression and insomnia that culminated in having to take complete medical leave in October. Dr. Rocco became an indispensable health care advisor in my recovery. I’d lost my libido and my zest for life. At first, I was skeptical that the hormone creams could help but, within a couple of months, I was feeling so much better. My thinking got clearer, my sleep improved and my skin got a healthy glow. Dr. Rocco gives her COMPLETE attention when she’s in the room with you. She has tremendous empathy, endless enthusiasm, and is always upbeat. Extremely knowledgeable and helpful, Dr. Gowri is always committed to keeping her patients functioning at “Optimum Wellness!” I Love You!

Doreen Van Leauwen